That place has no cashiers all machine operated now.If theres a problem good luck finding someone to assist you.The place pays out less now then ever all it does is take take take.We use to go all the time now we go to Foxwoods a real casino where you can atleast get a drink.

Blb ruined a place that was a dump now its a nice looking dump who pays for it. They cut jobs and payouts now never happen.

They said they would add jobs yeah they took decent paying jobs and turned them into minimum wage paying jobs and the governor allowed it. This is why the state of RI is going down and going down fast.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #671799

agree compleatlly with u just to see what the payout was i spent 2000 dollars and was paid out 24.30 back never ever agein cant wait for the mass casinos


Twin river gets a total thumbs down in my experience. This place is dirty, watch where you sit in the casino, the bathrooms are a total gross out.

The best food in the place is a Subway sandwich shop. And god forbid you have trouble with a machine you are in for a long wait for a surly overextended technition, your best bet is to flag down one of the hookers walking around at nite and asking them to find someone. Yes, everyone knows this is gambling and people lose, but never have i've seen so little winning, you would, in my opinion have a better chance of winning on any cruise ship.

So if you go, do it knowingly for the entertainment value, don't stress about any of thier promotions ethier I have found them not worth the gas money spent to get there. :cry


well, i worked at foxwoods casino for quite some time. i enjoyed working there.

now that i have retired, i like visiting foxwoods to see my old working pals. while there i sometimes play the penny slots and i usually lose. the payouts have changed so extreme that it is almost impossible to win anything. i also have visited mohegan sun and found very little differance actually, there all the same.

twin river is the worst. cr


as for foxwoods casino, well all casinos suck. save your money and stay home.

twin river is the worst. mohegan sun, not a great place to visit.

we would all be better off if we stayed home and played board games. jr


I have been checking twin river out here and there I ssually take about 100 to 150 dollars each time I go its only 50 minutes from my house I have never come home with money I have never hit more than I have taken, I am not going back and keeping my money to take to foxwoods weree I have a better chance of winning a small jackpot on a slot machine just wish it wasn't so far away or that the river would start paying out more often I have never seen anyone hit at the river and I have been there 15 times or so in the last 2 months at least I see peoplew hit in the woods I have been to the woods like 5 times in the last six months and have seen with my own eyes people hit and I have hit a few times no more river rides for me


you people are all dumb childish losers if you don't like the places then stop going don't sit around and *** about how you gave your money to them ....that's why is called gambling

don't play if your not willing to risk the loss


The machines have chips placed in them at various times, with a set number of spins already programmed to be able to win something. The casinos are rip-offs.

When they are losing money, they set the computers to "less wins" so they can repair their debt. Twin Rivers is now in hock right now, having massive monetary difficulty.

That is why we see so many losing machines lately. It's just a total rip-off.

Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States #17209

Yes, Twin River is a dump. But at least their commercials were entertainingly awful.

Keep your money in RI - but out of casinos.

Crossville, Tennessee, United States #8964

it is not a dump. maybe if everyone wuld start spending their money at twin rivers instead of Connecticut, it would be better.

I had a problem one time and a plumber helped me, and it had nothing to do with plumbing.

I love twin rivers. Keep your money in RI!!!!!!!

to Kath hutton Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States #661194

Telling me the plumber snacked your drain

Petersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #8291

Foxwoods is slightly closer. My last trip was to Mohegan sun.

I lost there too. After the loss, I had nothing to do there until the tour bus came back at 3PM.

It was a Wednesday. I haven't been back since.

Mineola, New York, United States #5493

I lost at all three places. I would stink of smoke and have quit.

There is no entertainment during the day if you do not want to gamble.

They used to have Cinemetropolas. Now Foxwoods has expensive video games to teach kids to play slots like their parents.

Huntingtown, Maryland, United States #2901

just curious why do you go to Foxwoods versus Mohegan.....

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