My wife and I enjoy going to the casino's every now and then and we have been to many of them but none is as dirty and disgusting as Twin Rivers. We would like to go Twin Rivers Casino a little more often, but the property is so dirty & nasty especially the restrooms with urine on the floor & walls, the machines are so dirty with cigarette butts & ashes it is disgusting The food court is also very dirty, There is never a clean table to eat at..I I don't know why the management doesn't employ more people to clean more often !!!! For the machines the % of machines paying off is so low it is awful, all the casino does take,take&take .

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Swansea, Massachusetts, United States #764095

used to go 3 times a week before tables now that tables are there you most likely lost a lot of slot players tables r never filled ash trays always filled a lot of friends rather take ride to Foxwoods. Also ticket cashers always empty. when are u getting your act together

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #245039

Been there. It sucks.

Didn't stay long enough to play. Turned and walked away. Probably owned by Indians.

And don't give me this "Native American" ***. I was born here and that makes ME a Native American.

Soperton, Georgia, United States #243089

Don't go!

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