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Twin Rivers Casino in Lincoln, RI had a New Years Eve Celebration with the Rat Pack. Total Cost was $100 per person including appetizers, buffet dinner and a show with the Rat Pack.

Dinner was just ok, and was from 7:00 - 8:15. The Rat Pack started the show at 9:00 and ended at 10:30, and then the evening was over. No more celebration to last till midnight, no ringing in the New Year, no champaign toast.

Feel disappointed, cheated and ripped off. Think twice before going to an event at Twin Rivers and leaving feeling ripped off.

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The reason everything ended so early is that outside of providence,the state of rhode island is ultra conservative on a Puritan level,providence is awesome though

Wingdale, New York, United States #5814

twin rivers sucks, save your money they don't pay out ANYTHING.

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